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The Greta Hansonville Hall

The Greta Hansonville Hall

Separate halls were initially built at Greta and Hansonville. The building now known as the ‘Greta Hansonville Hall,’ was originally the Greta Public Hall building and was situated on the Moyhu side of the old Greta School building (near the CFA shed). This Hall was planned and built during the First World War and was finished in December 1915. However, the community decided to wait until after the harvest was in to officially open the building on 17 March 1916 – St Patrick’s Day. A concert and dance was a fitting celebration for both the new Hall and harvest end. The building has been the scene of farewells, fundraising, and welcome home parties during both the First and Second World Wars. It has been the venue for concerts, dances, birthdays, weddings, and public meetings.

Hansonville also had a Public Hall which was opened with a ‘fancy dress and ordinary ball\’ late in 1909. This Hall was situated at the Hansonville Recreation Reserve. Like the Greta Hall, functions were held on a regular basis. Sadly the Hansonville Hall, including we believe the World War One Honour Board, was burnt during the bushfires which began on 5 February 1952. A large fire started at Benalla and burnt though the district destroying the Hansonville Hall. The Greta Hall, however, was saved. After the fire, many meetings and much debate was held before a decision was made to move the existing Greta Hall to the new Recreation Reserve and rename it the Greta-Hansonville Hall. In April 1954 the Hall was moved in two pieces by McQuade Bros of Rutherglen.

Bob Fry, as a twelve year old, was given the job to sit on the roof of the Greta Hall building as it was being driven along the road. Why? He had a broom to lift up any powerlines and tree branches that might be in the way! Once in its present site a foyer and ticket office were added and the supper room was extended. The original floor was damaged in the move and was replaced in 1959.

Significant Milestones

1908: A hall was erected at Hansonville
1909: Hansonville Hall opens with ‘Fancy Dress and Ordinary Ball’
15 July 1913: Meeting held to select a site for a hall at Greta
29 Sept 1913: Meeting agreed to a hall being built on reserve east of Hanson State School (later renamed Greta State School)
17 Mar 1916: New Greta Hall was opened by Mr. Thomas Graham, Solicitor from Wangaratta and celebrated with a dance
6 Mar 1926: Meeting agreed two dressing rooms be built on north end of hall
7 Mar 1932: Meeting sought an estimate of the cost of a supper room to be attached
26 Nov 1932: Ladies Committee formed
July 1933: New supper room opened by Cr Percy Snowdon
5 Feb 1952: Hansonville Hall destroyed in large bush fire that swept through the district. The Greta Hall was saved
13 Nov 1953: Meeting of Greta and Hansonville residents agreed to move the Greta Hall to the new Greta – Hansonville Recreation Reserve
9 April 1954: Greta Hall moved to new site
1 May 1954: Greta Hansonville Recreation Reserve opened
8 Mar 1955: Renovated hall now known as the Greta Hansonville Hall opened by Mr. F.A. Cook MLA, Member for Benalla

Office Bearers and Committee

Mr S.E. Ellis: Chairman from 1913 – 1926 (Ellis was elected at the first meeting in 1913. Mr. W. Clarke was the first Secretary)
Mr W.C. Younger: Chairman 1926 – 1930
Mr P.C. Snowdon: Chairman 1930 – 1948
Mr D.E. Carmichael: Chairman 1948 – 1954 (when the Greta- Hansonville Hall Committee combined)

Thanks to Mr Howard Ellis, Grandson of SE Ellis who collated the minutes of the Greta Hall Committee and provided images of the Greta Hall and minute books.

Thanks to Mr Patrick Delaney and Mr Howard Ellis, who provided images of the Hansonville Hall before and after the 1952 fire, respectively.